PPCC strives to provide comprehensive, up-to-date information on pediatric palliative care/hospice options, as well as support organizations and self-help groups in Pennsylvania and the country.

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PPCC Lightning Bug AppPediatric Palliative Care App

The new PPCC Lightning Bug App gives caregivers a suite of indispensable tools to manage, store and share information. Our app streamlines a caregiver’s experience by providing the tools and features that they need most.

PPCC Webinar Series – 2021

PPCC Firefly Chat   

Stressed But Not Stressed out: Practical Tools for Managing Stress   
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The PPCC Firefly Chat is a series of interactive virtual discussions that explore issues facing the pediatric palliative care community in PA and beyond.  Click HERE to listen to the previous chat, A Day in the Life of a Caregiver. 

PPCC Newsletter 

May 2021 – Transitioning to Adult Care
Apr 2021 – Advance Care Planning for Pediatric Patients
Feb 2021 – Wellness & Mindfulness: Coping Skills for Children & Teens  
Jan 2021 – Making Wishes Come True
Nov 2020 – Honoring Children’s Grief Awareness Day
Oct 2020 – Finding Your Community: Parenting a Child with a Rare Disease
Sep 2020 – Animal Assisted Therapy in Pediatric Palliative Care   

PPCC Care Plan Book & Flash Drive   

The PPCC Care Plan Book and Flash Drive is designed to be a comprehensive reference guide to be used by families, caregivers and medical professionals as an invaluable source of information.

Wellness & Mindfulness Exercises for Children and Teens

Additional Resources

NEW! Resource: Virtual Modalities Including Telehealth in Pediatric Palliative/Hospice Care, May 2021, Issue #63

CPN    Courageous Parents Network Blog  – posts for parents and professionals


 PPCC presents the Funeral Service Foundation’s information about children and the grieving process.