Music Toolkit – STOP! GO!

What You Need:

  • Holiday Song*

  • Players


  • Find a preferred recording of a familiar holiday tune (i.e., We Wish You a Merry Christmas).

  • Decide who will be the DJ and who will be the players.

  • The DJ will play a selected recording while players move to the music.

    (Helpful hint: Use hand-held shakers and musical toys to encourage movement with the song or create a dance movement to perform continuously throughout the game.)

  • The DJ stops the music randomly throughout the recording. (You can use the STOP and GO signs on the following pages.) When the music stops, players must freeze in place until the music starts again. If a player moves, that player is out. The last player standing is the winner.

Stop! Go! is an entertaining game for both young and old. Adding music, especially your favorite holiday carols, can make for an enjoyable game. Use this activity to promote movement and improve attentiveness. Switch it up and take turns being the DJ for a fun twist!

All activities should be supervised by an adult.