Art Toolkit – Footprint Penguins

What You Need:

  • Plain Artist’s Canvas (large enough for all penguins to fit)

  • Acrylic/Craft Paint

  • Black Felt/Construction Paper

  • Scraps of Fleece/Felt/Construction Paper

  • Hot Glue Gun


  • Paint a snowy/wintery background on the canvas and let dry (Top half of the canvas can be painted blue and the bottom half can be painted white).

  • Trace and cut out each person’s foot on black felt. Glue each footprint on the canvas using the hot glue gun when the background is dry (adults need to help with this step!). The heel is the penguin head.

  • Use white paint or felt to make the penguins’ tummies.

  • Add hats, scarves, eyes, and beaks using the scraps of materials and/or paints.

  • Idea: Cut out paper snowflakes to add to the snowy background before placing the penguins on the canvas. Star stickers would be a fun addition, too!

Create an adorable piece of wall art using the whole family’s feet! This activity will promote bonding with family and loved ones, while creating a piece of artwork together.

All activities should be supervised by an adult.